Calling all Cat Lovers

  Calling all Cat Lovers! 

Do you have a huge heart and a strong desire to make a difference in the life of an animal? 
We are seeking loving foster parents for our homeless kitties while they are awaiting forever homes. We have lots of wonderful kitties, all ages, all sizes, and all purrrfect personalities who would love to share your pad and maybe even learn the ropes about loving and living with human companions. 

Won't you consider making a huge difference in the life of a kitty who otherwise has to live in a cage with minimal human contact and limited love? We do our best to spend some quality time with all the kitties in our care but there are so many and just not enough of us to go around. They NEED you!

Please, Please consider becoming a kitty foster parent. If you have a dog, no worries, with a little oversight, kitties and dogs can become great friends! We will help with food, guidance, vet expenses, etc. All they need from you is a place to snuggle, patient leadership, care, and LOVE! 

Please call JeanE for details today!