About Us

Fallon Animal Welfare Group was formed in early 2010 by a group of friends concerned about the welfare of dogs and cats in Fallon and Churchill County.

During our first year we provided medical care for the animals in the city shelter, rescued cats and dogs from the shelter, volunteered at the shelter, and did some trap-neuter-return of feral cats.

In January 2011 a local guardian angel stepped forward and took over the provision of medical care for the shelter animals. This was by far our largest expense in 2010, and with the arrival of this angel, we were able to focus our efforts elsewhere.

In 2010, the majority of dogs entering the Fallon City Shelter were returned to their owner (43%), sent to a rescue in Fallon, Reno, or Lake Tahoe (26%), or adopted (18%). Fewer than 10% of healthy dogs were euthanized in 2010. The same was not true for cats.  (see our page "Fallon Shelter Statistics" on this site)

FAWG thus decided to focus on improving the lives of cats in our community through trap-neuter-return of feral cats, barn cats and other free roaming cats, and intercepting cats and kittens before they entered the  city shelter. The cats and kittens we take in are neutered, vaccinated, and adopted into forever homes. We have no facility, so all our cats live in foster homes.

We also send many of the cats and kittens we take in to either the NV Humane Society, the SPCA of Northern Nevada, or Another Chance, all no-kill rescues/shelters adopting animals out in Washoe County and Carson City.  The pets we send to these groups are exposed to a much larger number of potential pet owners than we have here in Churchill County and find good homes fast. Working with these groups has thus allowed us to save even more lives.

We also have a small fund, The Lucy Fund, to assist pet owners with emergency vet bills. If you need assistance in an emergency, call us at 775 217-6832.

Fallon Animal Welfare Group
1951 W. Williams Ave
PMB 377
Fallon, NV 89406
Phone: 775 217-6832

501(c)(3) since 2010
A plea to our community....

Fallon Animal Welfare Group is working tirelessly to help control the populations of feral and homeless cats but we need your help!

When cats are neglected, abused, and abandoned - they have no choice in the matter. They depend on us for their survival. When cats are not altered so that they cannot reproduce and then abandoned because you are moving, got new furniture, just decided you didn't want them anymore, (the list goes on, really...) populations can quickly and I mean VERY QUICKLY get out of control. 

Don't get a cat (or any animal) if you are not committed to caring for it for it's entire 16-20 year lifespan. When you do commit to this, please remember to SPAY and NEUTER your cats. We are here to help but we can only do so much, you must take responsibility before bad things happen. Call us, go to our website and utilize the resources we offer. These animals are at your mercy, you are their caretakers and they need you to do what is best for them. They are our children to care for during their entire lifetimes! 

For instance, the following photos are of some of the cats that we have recently had to rescue from hoarding, abuse and neglect situations! Photos are graphic so be aware...

These cats came to us from a hoarding situation that resulted in their neglect which led to some of them dying! 

Lucky was found with a nail in his head from someone shooting him with a nail gun! 

PLEASE, help us stop this from happening to any animal! We want to do the right things to help our animal friends and community to coexist happily. If you have an animal you cannot care for, or that you don't want anymore, CALL US 775-217-6832. 

We will not judge you, we will help you. But more importantly, don't get an animal unless you intend to care for it for it's entire lifetime. Things happen and we are here to help when they happen but we should be a last resort. You must understand the responsibility you acquire when you take the life of an animal into your world because YOU ARE THEIR WORLD.