Fall Yard Sale


8 AM TO 2 PM
Allen Rd. Storage 
1151 Allen Rd. in Fallon

Wide variety of items including: gas stove, sewing machine, snowboard & boots, home & garden tools, pet supplies, furniture, artwork, and more

PLUS: raffle tickets for slot machine
Drawing Saturday 2:00 pm at end of sale

Items to donate for the sale? call us at 775 423-8650 for pick-up

Adoption Day!


1O AM to 3 PM

Maggie's Playhouse Doggie Daycare
2000 Auction Rd. in Fallon

Start the new school year with a new homework helper.

Click on the link  to the left on this page to see them all. 
More cats and kittens will be posted in the coming days, 
so come back often.

Fees: $40 one cat; $60 a pair.

All our cats are neutered & vaccinated.

Questions?  call us at 775 423-8650 or email us at fawgnv@gmail.com

Barn Cats Need Homes ASAP!

A trailer park here in Fallon was recently condemned and the tenants evicted.  When these people left the park, many of them left their cats behind. In addition, there were a large number of feral and semi-feral cats living in the park and cared for by one gentleman. Unfortunately, he has now died and the cats he was caring for now also need assistance.

We have already relocated many friendly cats from the park, but there are over a dozen semi-friendly/semi-feral cats remaining. The park is now scheduled to be demolished and the remaining cats need to be moved as soon as possible. 

If you have a barn, workshop, garage, or other building where these cats can live, they will keep your property free of mice and gophers in return for shelter, food and water.  

These barn cats come as a minimum of two as they settle in more quickly with a companion. We will gladly set you up with more if you have space for them. 

Any cat we place with you will be neutered, vaccinated, ear-tipped and extremely grateful. 

There is no set fee, but any donation, or donation of items for our next yard sale, is much appreciated.

Call us at 775 423-8650 to save a couple lives.

Thank you, Maddie!

April 27-28 FAWG took part in the first Maddie's Pet Adoption Days sponsored by Maddie's Pet Project in Nevada. 

It was an outstanding success with 20 of our cats and kittens going to new homes!    

Follow-up calls have shown everyone is settling in and bonding with their new families.

FAWG thanks Maddie and everyone who helped to make this event such a success. We're already looking forward to the next Maddie's Pet Adoption Days.. 

To learn more about Maddie's Pet Project, visit www.maddiespetprojectnevada.org


Home Slot Machine: Belco Skill Stop. 

Perfect fit for any game room!  Can be set for tokens (included) or quarters.  Used, but in pristine condition, with key and instruction manual.   

Tickets: 1 for $1;  6 for $5. Tickets available at our booth at the Picnic in the Park -- July 4 at the Churchill County Fairgrounds, our June 30 Adoption Day at Maggie's Playhouse Doggie Daycare, our booth at the Cantaloupe Festival, and our Fall Yard Sale in September.

Drawing will be at the close of the Fall Yard Sale.

RIP Buster Brown

Buster Brown came to us in June. He was old, ill, missing an eye, with one ear badly damaged, in desperate need of dental work, and with his fur in terrible condition. We were told that years ago he had had a family. But then his family moved and left him behind. For a few years neighbors provided food and water and a porch for him to sleep on. One day the mail carrier on his street saw Buster Brown's food bowl sitting, empty, on top of the family's garbage can. She asked the people what happened to the cat she was so used to seeing on their porch. They explained they no longer wanted to care for him as he was old and sick and so had stopped feeding him in the hope that he would go away.  The mail carrier found him a few days later wandering down the street, scooped him up and brought him to us.

When we took Buster Brown to the vet he tested positive for FIV -- the feline version of HIV. This virus weakens the cat's immune system making him more susceptible to disease. Cornell Vet School says in the US between 1.5% and 3% of cats test positive for FIV. It is found more commonly among unaltered males who, in fighting with each other for territory, spread the virus  through deep bite wounds. We had Buster Brown neutered and vaccinated and he lived happily and peacefully with several other cats in a foster home. He was a true gentleman and there was no danger of him biting any of his feline roommates.

Because his FIV status and his age made adoption more difficult, we submitted an application for him to go to Best Friends Animal Society's sanctuary in Kanab, UT.  He was accepted and placed on the wait list for FIV-positive cats. We looked forward to the day we would take him to the sanctuary to live out his senior years in comfort and safety surrounded by Best Friends caregivers and volunteers.

Unfortunately, Buster Brown developed a cancer in his mouth and his health deteriorated quite rapidly. With heavy hearts his doctor and foster mom helped him go to the Rainbow Bridge.  RIP, Buster Brown. We are very glad we got to know you and are only sorry your stay with us was so short.

Rose has moved to Utah

Rose, our lovely calico girl with cerebellar hypoplasia, was accepted into Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and has made the move to Utah.

Cerebellar hypolpasia (CH) is a disorder of the cerebellum part of the brain making it difficult for Rose to walk, or eat and drink unassisted, or use a litter pan.  CH can be caused by various types of trauma, but is most often the result of unvaccinated pregnant cats being exposed to panleukopenia ("cat distemper"). Any kittens who survive, and most do not, can exhibit varying degrees of CH.

Best Friends has years of experience providing quality lives to animals like Rose who come to them with a variety of physical and/or behavioral issues. Rose will receive the best care possible while there. The best news? Her caregivers at Best Friends are confident they will be able to place her in a loving adoptive home.